gkparkinson / centipede

web development + system design thinking

The Short Story

I design and build web applications. Too short? Ok: I research and experiment with technologies and techniques for delivering and managing user-facing information systems in the browser; then I use the best of those (‘best’ meaning most suitable to circumstance) to actually design and build systems for people and organizations that need them. I am entirely JavaScript and primarily front-end focused, but I have been building back-ends and APIs for a long time too.

Since web information systems are, by nature, user-facing, the most urgent problem to solve is usually not the technical foundation but what the owner of the system needs to communicate or enable and what the users of the system need to know or do. So, while I do a lot of coding, I also do a lot of listening, talking, and thinking about purpose, intent, objectives, and meaning.

I am always interested in new projects, large or small, simple or complex, focussing on design or development. I am also happy to help think about problems or requirements that are not well understood. If you would like to chat, send me a note.

Gory Details

Some tools frequently or recently used:


I don’t maintain a portfolio... I've been around a long time and there’s just too much stuff to bother with. Also, a lot of my work has been on prototypes or intranet systems that are not publicly visible.

I have worked on projects for Genworth Canada, OMDC, Nikon Canada, CPA Canada, Science Alberta Foundation (Wonderville), Vonage Canada, and many small and medium sized businesses. I also have a couple of service products in private beta.